Simple solutions

Printing and forwarding

  • Preparation and printing of invoices, banking and other printouts, direct post
  • Preparation of commercial forwarding with the appendices of your choice and promotional material
  • Printout of invoices and UPO forms, letters under the ZUP (the General Administrative Procedure Act), registered post letters and letters with advice of receipt
  • Postal service provider - sorting, delivery to the post office or any location




Remote printer

  • Sending conventional post for printing and delivery via computer - remote
  • Simple use
  • Enabling the sending of various documents
  • Quicker and simplified sending of large amounts of various types of postal items
  • Saving you the time needed to go to the post office
  • Continuous updating of the postal book (web portal)



  • Quicker and more transparent forwarding of invoices
  • Optimization of business, saving time and cutting costs
  • Possibility of notification about received/scanned invoices
  • Enabling legal compliance of archiving with the E-archive of Pošta Slovenije
  • Simple, quick and accurate payment of invoices


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