Issuers of invoices that print and send loads of invoices by post are also provided the option of sending invoices in electronic format. We produce classic print or electronic invoices in the standard e-style format from received data. E-invoices are sent to budget users, corporate and retail clients. There are numerous advantages of switching to e-invoices.
The following features should be highlighted: improved and automated process of issuing invoices and their transfer into your accounting application or ERP system; a high-level of data security and secure storage of data in a non-accredited archive and accredited archive of Pošta Slovenije; unchanged method of data submission for issuers; and the so-called soft transition to e-invoices that enables the issuing of printed invoices for anyone that does not wish to receive the electronic version of invoices.
The issuer also has the notification option about received (read/scanned) e-invoices. Express sending and reliable delivery result in the quicker payment of invoices (according to research studies 22% of all invoices are paid earlier).  

We prepare complete e-invoices, send them e-invoices and return a delivery report to our clients

No interruptions to your work process